1. Proof of current vaccine records for Rabies and DHPP(Distemper, Hepatitis, Para Influenza, Parvovirus).
  2. Neutered or Spayed if over 6 months old. *If un-neutered or not spayed, your dog will be kept separate from the other dogs and go on walks throughout the day. We charge $50 per night for un-neutered/ un-fixed dogs. 
  3. Pass a 3 hour Temperament Test. Dogs must be friendly and social with other dogs to attend social daycare. We require that you leave your dog with us for  three hours to make sure they will do well with our pack. We charge $15 for the temperament test. Please call or email to schedule. New dogs are by appointment only. 
  4. We do flea/ tick checks. We highly recommend your dog be on an anti-flea/ tick program.  If we find fleas on your dog, we will contact you and your dog will be given a flea bath and treatment at your expense.


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